Epil8 dioden levererar 810nm långa pulser för att snabbt och effektivt avlägsna oönskat hår permanent. Med ett mycket effektivt kylsystem inbyggt svalkas och skyddas epidermis.

    Med denna kvalitetsmaskin får du fantastiska behandlingsresultat med snabbhet och precision.

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    EPIL8, the fastest solution for hair removal

    When the laser light is focused on the skin tissue, the energy can be reflected, scattered, absorbed or transmitted within the tissue itself. The absorption of this energy is a very important element of interaction between laser light and skin tissue: thanks to it, the laser treatment exerts its function. The chromophores are colored particles that absorb preferably light with particular wavelengths.

    In tissues, the two most important chromophores are the oxyhemoglobin (oxygenated hemoglobin) and melanin. The light generated by the Diode Laser System Epil8 is absorbed more easily by the melanin than the oxyhemoglobin. Similarly, since the above wavelength is not well absorbed by water (once again, the most important component of the tissue), it has poor effect on cells and not pigmented tissues. When a tissue receives light from a laser, the energy is converted into heat and it determines the physiological effects induced by that instrument. The heat absorption by melanin, for example, can damage the hair follicles, leading to a loss of hair in the long term. Should also be noted that as soon as the target tissue is heated, heat begins to spread into adjacent tissue by conduction and this can cause unwanted side thermal damage.

    The heat conduction in a tissue is a process called thermal relaxation; the thermal relaxation time (TRT) is defined as the time required by an object to cool down by 50%, compared to the temperature reached during and immediately after the exposure to the laser. The concept is important because it can be used to make predictions about the specific effects that a given laser treatment can produce in the target tissue. In fact if the tissue reaches a suitable temperature in a pulse duration shorter than its TRT, the treatment does not damage adjacent structures, or at least it harms them in a very limited way.

    On the other hand, if the treatment requires a pulse duration greater than the TRT, a considerable amount of heat is conducted to the adjacent tissues and this could potentially cause damage.

    To reduce the risk to harm the surrounding skin, and to make the treatment virtually painless and still effective, the Epil8 diode system is designed to target the hair follicle with enough energy to destroy it, but not with individual pulses (as is the case of most of the systems in use today), but with many pulses per second (up to 10), and low energy and duration (short pulse); to achieve this result it was necessary to adopt a powerful source, equal to 800 Watt (High Power Diode), so that it can also operate for long time without interruption. But this is not enough for epilating even on dark skins, rich of melanin.
    To operate also on high phototypes, V and VI according to the Fitspatrick classification, the light guide has been designed convergent and well cooled, so as to preserve the skin surface.

    The depth with which a laser beam penetrates in a tissue is the result of a complex interaction between the light wavelength, chromophore concentration in the tissue, fluence and quantity of scattered light within the tissue.

    To spread well the beam with depth and effectiveness is very important to have a spot size as large as possible, which is still limited by the power of the adopted laser diode.

    Epil8, for the high power of the diode implemented, has a big spot as 12x20mm (2,4 cm2), among the largest spot in its category, which combined with a high pulse repetition rate, a well cooled emission tip, makes the treatment effective, fast, safe, virtually painless, usable in all seasons and all skin types.

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